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In latin, Omnia means "everything", according indian philosophy, Om is primal (universal) sound which contains all the other tones. Georg Ohm is german physician who scientifically defined the same idea in his Ohms´ accoustic law. Onion is healthy vegetable which layers resembles the spheres of micro or macrocosmos but also musical structures of Omnion music.

Omnion is one-man-project of musician and composer Tomas Reindl, inspired by sacred musical traditions of east and west, using contempotary musical approaches and techniques..

Besides of traditional instruments (tabla, didjeridu, ancient clarinet) and human voice (overtone singing, beatbox, or gregorian chant style), Omnion uses technology of "real-time looping" which gives possibility of creating multiple- layer musical structures, or ambient soundscapes. galery here ...

Tomáš Reindl
voice, overtone singing,
tabla, didjeridu,
kanjira, hang, ancient-clarinet, blues harmonica, koncovka flute, realtime looping








New OMNIONs dance set
psytrance inspiration set with live tabla, throat singing, beat-box and TROM-BONE
(didjeridu style played old mechanic trombone:)




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Tomas Reindl: Omnion



... YouTube video playlist of OMNION here...


Possibility of special guests:


Anežka Hessová - kathak dance

New video - Massive Kathak:

Another guests in past: Amit Chatterjee (India/US) - guitar, voice, Elena Kubičková - esraj,
Pavel Hrubý - bass clarinet, soprano sax, VJ Grey Goo - interactive video


Performance of Omnion can be accompanied by explanation of the particular musical systems and techniques
(indian rhythmic system, australian didjeridu, throat singing technique, or realtime-loopoing system).

There is also possibility of workshop/seminar Rhythms of the East
(Introduction into indian and middle eastern rhythmic systems and percussion instruments)


Tomáš Reindl
composer, multi-instrumentalist and tabla player.
In his compositions Tomas likes to cross genre barriers and limitations. He is often drawing inspiration from eastern and western ancient musical cultures and spiritual music, as well as taking advantage of modern techniques and electronics. He is also composing original music for film and theatre,
As instrumentalist, Tomas specializes to many kind of percussion and ethnic instruments and techniques, especialy indian tabla, arabic drums, didjeridu, overtone singing, dulcimer, ancient clarinet, etc.

Main present-time projects and cooperation: realtime-looping solo project OMNION, new NAKARA trio, Shahab Tolouie (flamenco-persian fusion), Amit Chatterjee, indian kathak dance group DAMARU, Pavel Fajt & Gathering of Drummers, Yair Dalal, Lenka Lichtenberg, BERG orchestra, workshops and seminars, etc

Complete CV of Tomas Reindl ...



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